National Convention Sale

Monday, July 2, 2018 at 6:00 PM
Grand Traverse Resort - Acme, MI!

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Contact Aaron Tompkins if you need assistance at 336-363-4639

Sale Staff     Phone
Dave Rama 607.435.0792
Daniel Brandt 717.821.1238
Scott Culbertson 507.923.1881
Rick VerBeek 614.580.8662
Chad Ryan 920.960.1449
Kevin Jorgensen 920.210.3992
Paul Trapp 717.896.7062
Jason Lamoreaux 616.822.0101
Don Welk 717.575.4700
Abe Light 315.651.7410
Max Dunseth 269.251.0232
Stan Moser 517.404.3559
Moss McCauley 616.446.2670

Sale Co-Managed By:
The Cattle Exchange & Daniel Brandt!

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www.cowbuyer.com or www.cowsmo.com